ZimplerID & Zimpler GO!

There's a lot of reasons for collecting customer data. Compliance, marketing, fraud monitoring, loyalty programs and on and on it goes for almost an eternity. On the flip side, everyone hates forms. So, for us, it made perfect sense to create a solution that render registrations as we know it obsolete. As a matter of fact, we created two.

ZimplerID — Digital verification

Looking for a substitute for BankID? ZimplerID is a digital verification solution that works in all of our markets. For customers that want to have access to locked content but aren't looking to buy anything right now. It works exactly the same as our payment flow but we have removed the payment step (if you want to keep it, you might want to check out our Payment solution). Some benefits for your users

  • No need for a username
  • No need for a password
  • No need to fill in account details in public
  • No need to confirm via a third party app (like a confirmation link in an email or BankID)

Zimpler GO! — a no account solution for all payment methods

Basically the yang to ZimplerID's yin. Sometimes your customers don't want to be yet another Dear Firstname and get a gazillion newsletters about stuff that they're only casually interested in. With Zimpler GO they'll sign in without creating an account. However, you as a business will still get the customer data that you need to keep compliant.

I want to know exactly how compliant this is