Zimpler appoints Jean-Louis Giordano as CTO


Swedish Fintech Company Zimpler, a dedicated mobile payment service provider, today announced Jean-Louis Giordano as new CTO. Jean-Louis has been on the Zimpler team since the start and has now taken the position as CTO.

“We are very happy to appoint Jean-Louis as the CTO for Zimpler. Jean-Louis Giordano has been with Zimpler from the start and has been the informal leader for the development team for quite some time. We’re happy to give Jean-Louis the full responsibility and recognition as CTO of Zimpler” says Kristofer Ekman Sinclair.

“My initial focus as CTO will be to create the perfect workplace for Functional Programmers. I brought in the programming language Clojure into Zimpler a few years ago and since then we’ve seen the benefits of using Functional Programming. We are looking to significantly increase our development team and we’re looking for talented programmers” says Jean-Louis Giordano.

Zimpler launched its new mobile payment service last year with the main purpose of simplifying mobile payments, while giving users control over their total spending. The combined tool for payments and control makes the service unique to the market.

Following the launch, Zimpler has received great response from the market. Today the service is used by more than 250 sites globally.

About Zimpler

Zimpler is a swedish fintech company. We were founded in Stockholm and Gothenburg 2012. The goal has always been to simplify mobile payments and to be a really nice company. Zimpler's main product is a modern, mobile wallet that gives the user control over their spending. We do this with spending limits, nudging and behavioural science methods.

Zimpler have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Berlin and Haparanda and have around 40 employees. You can use the wallet in Sweden and Finland at the moment, but there are plans for entering more european markets. Today we have more than 112 000 users who can make and get control over their payments.