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November 30,2022
Zimpler partners with major Nordic retailer Elon to offer B2B payments 
Stockholm, 30 November 2022   — Zimpler, a leading fintech company born in Sweden, announced today their partnership with Elon – one of the biggest merchants in consumer electronics in the Nordic’s – offering B2B payments solutions to Elon’s customers, in Sweden. After going live with its new solution in March, Zimpler became the first provider in the country to offer instant B2B account-to-account payment in real-time.

Zimpler’s B2B payments solution simplifies in- and outgoing payments for merchants, removing the need for invoices, purchase orders, company cards and additional administrative resources and costs. Transactions are instant and directly connected to the merchant’s corporate bank account. The solution also reduces the risk of card fraud and other risks associated with traditional ways of payment. Zimpler’s B2B transactions run through a collaboration with Briqpay, a payments platform that simplifies the B2B payment flows for online sales.

Currently, around 40% of Elon’s sales are B2B. The move to integrate Zimpler’s payment solution is a good indication of the industry’s rising interest in instant account-to-account transactions. It also strengthens Zimpler’s presence in the retail sector, as the company has already partnered with retailers Stick, Upgrit and Inca Tours for its B2B solution and will continue to grow within this segment. 

Zimpler’s Director of New Solutions Sales, Fredrik Rubin, says: “A major merchant such as Elon integrating our new solution only months after it went live is a great success for Zimpler, and highlights the fantastic momentum we have for our instant B2B payments. I believe that this way of facilitating B2B transactions is the future and will soon become the norm due to its many benefits over standard payments. I am excited and look forward to our collaboration”

Jessica Söderlindh, B2B Sales Manager at Elon, says:  “TB2B payments make a very significant part of Elon’s transactions, and I’m glad that we can now offer our clients a solution that makes them frictionless. Zimpler’s product is a real game-changer for B2B transactions in Sweden, and I’m sure that it will come with several benefits for us, including an improved conversion rate. To make B2B payments as simple as they are for B2C is a clear step in the right direction.”

For more information, please contact:
Julia Niedoborek, Communications Specialist, Zimpler
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About Zimpler
Zimpler is a Swedish next-generation fintech company, providing faster, easier and more secure transactions – without the need for cards. With offices in Sweden, Malta and Brazil, Zimpler specialises in account-to-account payments and their products are currently live in eight countries. With transaction volumes vastly increasing every year, they’re rapidly expanding across Europe, through Latin America and with the sight set on the global stage. Zimpler is on a mission to be the universal way to pay and get paid.


About Elon
Elon is now Sweden's and the Nordic region's largest retail chain for consumer electronics and white goods, with over 400 stores in Sweden alone.
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