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March 15, 2021
Zimpler partners with CHOOOSE to offset its carbon footprint
Sweden, 15 March 2021— Leading Swedish fintech Zimpler announced their partnership today with CHOOOSE, the Norwegian climate-tech company, to offset their carbon emissions. The collaboration with CHOOOSE is part of Zimpler’s wider goal of ensuring that the company’s impact on the environment is thoroughly accounted for.

As part of the plan, Zimpler will offset double the carbon footprint of each employee, based on the average carbon footprint of someone living in Sweden. Zimpler will also use CHOOOSE to offset flights taken by employees.

Abel Buko, CSR and Diversity Manager at Zimpler, says: “While we do all we can with our physical office spaces regarding recycling and ecologically responsible supplies, there are carbon emissions that are unavoidable. Carbon offsetting is a smart solution for those unavoidable emissions.

“We decided to work with CHOOOSE because, unlike many other carbon offsetting companies, it’s not exclusively based on planting trees, which is not always a reliable method. CHOOOSE offsets in a way that more directly affects the current situation - as opposed to planting trees for a future situation.”

Andreas Slettvoll, CEO and Founder at CHOOOSE, says: “I am always excited to see new companies deciding to partner with CHOOOSE and integrate climate action into their everyday life. Our aim was to create a company that would be unique in the world of addressing emissions, by funding different types of climate-smart projects around the world and making climate action available for everyone. I am proud to call Zimpler a climate partner.”

Zimpler’s monthly subscription will help fund three different renewable energy projects to replace fossil fuel energy. These are updated over time, but currently include a biomass project in China, a wind power project in Sri Lanka, and a landfill gas project in Turkey. The projects are carefully selected by carbon professionals and verified by the most comprehensive certification standards. They all support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, providing social benefits and improving the lives of those hardest hit by climate change.


CHOOOSE is a leader in technology-based climate action based in Oslo, Norway. They deliver a complete set of climate software services to enable partners to place and manage comprehensive, dynamic, and scalable carbon compensation options through SaaS and seamless API. CHOOOSE works with companies of all sizes to build custom integrations tailored to connect business operations with high-quality climate solutions. Together with its ecosystem of industry partners and individual supporters, the CHOOOSE platform is accelerating access and adoption of climate solutions across a range of key technologies – from nature-based solutions to carbon removal to Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Learn more at

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Zimpler is a fast-growing fintech company creating simpler and more secure transactions for companies and people around the world. Zimpler is currently available in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany, and the Netherlands. 
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