Zimpler opens an office in Berlin

Swedish Fintech company Zimpler, a dedicated mobile payment service provider, is pleased to announce that it has opened a tech office in Berlin.

"The last two years Zimpler has had a strong focus towards functional programming in general and Clojure in particular. Since Berlin has one of the strongest communities in Europe within this field it’s natural for us to have a presence there. Our current plan is to hire over 150 developers in the coming years and I hope that we can grow the team in Berlin rapidly” says Jean-Louis Giordano, CTO at Zimpler.

Zimpler is an active sponsor and supporter of local communities around functional programming and Clojure. Both as gold sponsors for Euroclojure 2017, Europes largest Clojure conference taking place in Berlin, and sponsoring Clojurebridge Berlin. ClojureBridge is a free workshop introducing women and non-binary people to programming and the local technology community. Zimpler is also a member of TechEq, an initiative to promote gender equality in the IT businesses.

“Supporting the community around the tools we use is the right thing to do. The development of the community will enable us to build better products and get a larger base of people to recruit from so it’s a win-win situation. We strive to be in the forefront of technology and this is a great way to keep our edge and continue to learn from others” says Jean-Louis Giordano.

“Zimpler is today active in Sweden and Finland and having a presence also in Berlin will help the company take the next step in Europe. Berlin, Gothenburg and Stockholm are recognised as leading hubs in the FinTech industry. Having offices in these cities gives us the ability to recruit talented staff and also gives us access to an important network of suppliers and partners that will help us realise our vision. The vision of our company is to provide the best payment experience in Europe, giving consumers control over their spending” says Kristofer Ekman Sinclair, CEO at Zimpler.

About Zimpler

Zimpler is a swedish fintech company. We were founded in Stockholm and Gothenburg 2012. The goal has always been to simplify mobile payments and to be a really nice company. Zimpler's main product is a modern, mobile wallet that gives the user control over their spending. We do this with spending limits, nudging and behavioural science methods.

Zimpler have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Berlin and Haparanda and have around 40 employees. You can use the wallet in Sweden and Finland at the moment, but there are plans for entering more european markets. Today we have more than 112 000 users who can make and get control over their payments.