Zimpler GO

No matter if you want to start your own pay and play business or want to get your fintech off the ground Zimpler GO got you covered. Comes with complete KYC and instant withdrawals. Let's throw in some bullet points for good measure:

  • Lightning fast payouts
  • KYC before deposits
  • Risk-free payments
  • Bank, card and other good stuff
  • Commercials you'll love
You had me at hello. Let me speak to a human

Sounds good, right? If you're not quite convinced yet, jump on ahead — further down the rabbit hole.

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A complete no account solution

Yeah, yeah we know. Bank deposits are great. We have that, it's awesome. Super quick, slick and nifty as can be. But bank only accounts for 50 % of the preferred payment methods. Granted, that's a lot, but so are the remaining 50 % (that's just math). We're throwing card and bill in as well. We're nice like that.

Preferred Payments

Preferred payment methods for entertainment services

Papers, please! We KYC everyone so you don't have to.

We pass on important KYC data to you so you get everything you need to create a user account in the background.

Cut your payout times down to seconds

Even if your users leave the site, they can return at their own leisure and withdraw their money instantly. It doesn't take days or hours. Heck, it doesn't even take minutes. We're talking seconds here people. Seconds!

Curious about how it works? That's exactly why we made this video.