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Welcome to Zimpler!

Since day minus 61 Zimpler has been about providing the friendliest and most easy to use mobile payment experience that the world ever seen. We understand how easy it can be to get carried away and spend just a liiiiiittle more than what you first intended. We’re here to fix that. By having great support staff, excellent developers, empathic sales people and just a really nice attitude towards our fellow humans.


Perks and benefits

We want you to have the best working environment possible. You wont be finding any ping pong tables or beer fridges, but we do have the occasional game night and we host a bunch of meetups. And, of course, there are some nice benefits.

  • Flexible work hours

    We believe that you will take responsibility for your work regardless when or from where you work.

  • Take ownership

    No one will tell you in detail how you should do your work. As an individual you are responsible for certain areas and we are confident that you will manage those in the best way.

  • Learn and develop at work

    We believe that everyone can learn more and develop new skills & abilities. That's why we have dedicated research days and encourage our staff to attend conferences, seminars and take courses.

  • Get the tools you need without hassle

    We use the best tools to solve our tasks in the most efficient way regardless if it's software, hardware or a service that we need. As an individual you probably already know what you need and want, well what's stopping you?



  • Full stack Developer with a passion for front end


Döbelnsgatan 12
113 58 Stockholm

Christburger Str. 23
10405 Berlin

Vasaplatsen 2
411 34 Göteborg