A payment solution consisting of Direct Bank and Bank Payouts with unparallelled bank coverage, constant uptime and payouts in less than a minute.

Direct Bank payments

Bank payments with clean, uncluttered design and a payment flow that is familiar and natural to the user.

100% bank coverage

Zimpler cover all banks on the market (the teensy weensy ones as well). And we are always live, even if the banks are down!

Flexible UX

It jacks seamlessly into your payment flow and the user gets a mix of modern design and familiarity.

No integration cost

If you are already integrated with Zimpler we'll switch on Zimpler Bank payments for free.

Bank Payouts

The easiest way to do payouts to your end users. With bank payouts the user can easily request a payout with a simple click of a button and have their money within a minute.

Lightning fast payouts

Our payouts takes less than a minute. That's less time than it takes to log in to your bank account.

Happy users

Increase your retention with safe and happy users. We make sure that withdrawing money is the fastest and easiest thing the user can do. Just click a button and the money will automatically be paid out to their bank account.

Honest and fair pricing

We get it, you want to increase your gross margins. That's why we have a significantly lower price point than the competition.

Zimpler Bank Payments video

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