Zimpler welcomes Linda Höglund as Chief People Officer

Zimpler welcomes Linda Höglund as Chief People Officer

Fintech company Zimpler continues to grow and now recruits Linda Höglund as ChiefPeople's Office and as part of Zimpler's management team. Linda most recently comes from Klarna, where she was globally responsible for the company's mobility and People issues.

Zimpler is growing at a furious pace - in six months, the number of employees has gone from 35 to 70 people. By 2022, the hope is that that number will double and that the workforce will consist of 140 people. An important part of the continued growth, in addition to recruiting the top talents, is to make them thrive and stay in the company.

"We must be an attractive employer that people want to be with and where they can develop creatively together with other driven colleagues from around the world. Our goal is to build a solid platform that motivates and takes advantage of the potential of our employees so that they can and want to continue to produce the best products and solutions on the market", says Linda Höglund.


During her time at Klarna, Linda was involved in building up the company's People department and was responsible for everything from mobility to preboarding and more traditional HR issues. Before that, Linda worked at Ernst & Young, where she most recently took care of the Swedish immigration department. Linda has extensive experience from international work as she has worked with global issues and establishment in new markets both at EY and at Klarna. At Zimpler, Linda will be responsible for a staff group that is intended to consist of a total of 12 people before the end of the year. 

"We build the company we want to work at - to gather creative, smart people and give them the conditions to grow and develop will give us as a company the opportunity to grow and develop, and we need to do that on a global level. With her background from fintech and scaleups - but above all with her personality -Linda is perfect for Zimpler and as Chief People Officer when we take the nextstep to become a global player in digital payments", says Peo Nilsson, Chairman of the board.


What mainly attracted Linda to Zimpler was the opportunity to make the journey from startup to global company and to be involved from the beginning:

"Fintech is the future and I want to continue to be involved in creating it. Getting into this situation and being part of this stage is great fun and inspiring, and to be able to put together with my colleagues the culture that will define Zimpler in the future. That we grow so fast is extremely fun and proof that what we do is right. But it is important not to become speed blind, to find the right people and also to get them to stay is not easy, it is an incredible war for talent. We must also be at the forefront when it comes to HR and dare to try new things, dare to try different and new ways, and above all trust our feelings regarding what suits us and our employees best", says LindaHöglund.