Zimpler launches two new services for increased conversion

Zimpler launches two new services for increased conversion

Fintech company Zimpler scales up and launches two new services to further increase the conversion rate and security for their customers. Zimpler has since earlier offered Instant Payouts, direct payments from companies to customers.

Their new service Corporate Payouts enables companies to make direct and secure payments to each other. Together with the new Account Information Service (AIS), it complements Zimpler's offering.

"We have noticed a great demand for even more flexible bank payments as well as better APIs and higher security from more or less all industries. At the same time, there have been more and more players, to some extent it is probably due to the pandemic - everything has been accelerated, which also means that we need to be able to offer better and safer solutions for our customers and their needs", says Johan Strand, CFO at Zimpler.

AIS creates better and safer flow and eliminates the risk of manual errors. It also makes sure the person behind the payments is identified, which increases security for all. It also increases the conversion rate, as it means less circumstances for all parties. Zimpler's new product is released as a standalone service, which means that it can be used together with all suppliers on the market:

"Our new AIS service works best together with our platform as it has the same integration and the same APIs, but it can also be used with other suppliers. This is a conscious choice we have made as we do not want to contribute to any lock-in effects -we want the customer to have the opportunity to choose the supplier that best suits their needs", says Johan Strand.

Corporate Payouts provide the opportunity for direct payments between companies. The launch of the service is a direct response to a demand that has increased rapidly during the pandemic, as more and more companies strengthen their digital presence:

"In the past, you have had to wait 1-3 banking days for a transfer to go through, which is relatively long as time for many really is money -today more than ever. By being able to offer direct and secure, verified payments, we hope to continue to create added value and make it easier for our customers", says Johan Strand.