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Swedish Fintech company Zimpler grows with 300 percent

Stockholm, Sweden, April 19, 2021

Swedish Fintech company Zimpler reports an increase in revenue with 300 percent for 2020 compared to previous year. Their aim is to become the leading provider within A2A payments for companies in both Sweden and Europe.

Last year, Zimpler launched its Account-to-Account (A2A) payment solution for companies and the reception in Sweden as well as in other markets where Zimpler is present, has been overwhelming.

"In addition to increasing our revenue with 300 percent, the number of transactions has increased with 1074 percent, the number of payments with 959 percent and the number of withdrawals with 1580 percent. These are absolutely incredible numbers and a proof that we have created something that the industry and our customers demand", says Kristofer Ekman Sinclair, Founder & Growth at Zimpler.

Zimpler is currently available in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany and the Netherlands. The hope is that within a few years, Zimpler will be present in many more countries and in more markets, such as the UK, and that it will be the leading and obvious payment solution for companies. As a step towards achieving this, Zimpler has gone from a workforce of 30 to over 60 people in just nine months - and continues to recruit at a high speed.

"When Kristofer and I started the company in 2012, it was with a hope to create added value for our customers and make their transactions both easier and more secure. It is great that we have come this far - now we will continue to focus on developing innovative and value-creating solutions for our customers, and to establish ourselves in more markets and countries", says Johan Friis, Co-Founder of Zimpler.

About Zimpler

Zimpler, founded in 2012, is a fast-growing Swedish company within FinTech with the ambition to create simpler and more secure transactions for companies and people around the world. Zimpler is currently available in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Germany and the Netherlands.

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