Welcome Markus Månsson, our new Customer Support Agent

Welcome Markus Månsson, our new Customer Support Agent

We’re overcome with joy for being able to welcome Markus Månsson as our new Customer Support Agent.

Mariana Rönnbäck, Head of Support at Zimpler says: “We are super happy to announce the latest addition to our support team, Markus Månsson! Markus strong customer focus skills and his curious attitude will ensure that we will continuing pushing our boundaries to give our customers the best help they can get!”

Why did you choose to work at Zimpler?

"After spending almost two years in customer support through phone I saw Zimpler as an opportunity for new challenges enhancing my experience in customer support and administration. I do also like the energy and transparency that Zimpler has, you are met with respect and everyone has an important part to play."

What challenges do you face in your new role?

"Some challenges I’ve been through are like in any new company you need to learn all the internal stuff. I did also not have any experience using Excel going in, tips and tricks for getting a smooth experience with this has also been fun and challenging. You need to think outside of the box sometimes too regarding specific issues to see where the connecting dots are, I’ve also experienced that you have a lot of responsibility within your role and sometimes you have to think for yourself what needs to be done, which is very fun and good experience."

Enough business, what do you like to do outside of work?

"My hobbies include playing and listening to music. I mainly play drums and bass-guitar at my core. I also enjoy spending time with my friends for walks, movies, video games. You know, normal stuff."