Welcome David Nilsson, Zimpler's new Talent Acquisition Associate

Welcome David Nilsson, Zimpler's new Talent Acquisition Associate

Join us in extending a warm welcome to David Nilsson as he begins his journey at Zimpler!

Johan Wingren, Head of Talent Acquisition at Zimpler says: "With his level headedness and analytical way of thinking David brings a new dimension to the TA Team very happy to have him onboard"

What is your role?
Talent Acquisition

Where do you come from?

Sweden, Gothenburg

What is your professional background?

A couple of years in various service functions. I have worked with recruitment in the consultant sector and now I am working with recruitment and HRIS at Zimpler.

Why did you choose to work at Zimpler?
I wanted to work at young company with driven people within tech. Zimpler seemed like an interesting company with a great team behind it and quick decision making where you are involved in multiple processes. definitely living up to my expectations so far! :)

What challenges do you face in your new role?
Learning all the different departments/teams and their needs. Learning new roles and what they do on a daily basis that I did not even know existed before, but it is an extremely fun challenge that I am enjoying immensely!