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Mealsizer is Zimplers new WooCommerce client

Health company Mealsizer, who specialises in weight control has added Zimpler to their checkout.

Mealsizer is a tool for everyone who wants to be in control of their weight, whether it is about losing, gaining or maintaining weight, and who wants an easier way than weighing the different ingredients of the meal and counting calories.

“We needed an account to account payment provider for our checkout and felt like Zimpler was the best option. They have an easy integration through WooCommerce, a fair transaction price and the funds are readily available as soon as the customer pays instead of having to wait 1-2 weeks to get the money into the account as with other payment providers”, says Anna Sommerfeld, founder and CEO at Mealsizer.

"Today Zimpler went live with a new partner within e-Com, Mealsizer. Together we successfully launched our Direct Payment solution in a new segment, a complement for improving conversion rate. Now the end customer has a seamless option where they can choose what bank and account to pay with. Thanks to our open API the integration towards Mealsizer’s platform WooCommerce went as planned and it delights us to help Mealsizer with their mission of providing their customers with a healthy life style," Alex Pappas, eCommerce Sales Manager at Zimpler says.