Fudd Finans chooses Zimpler as payment provider

Fudd Finans chooses Zimpler as payment provider

It thrills us to announce that we are live with Fintech company Fudd Finans.

“In Sweden alone there are over 3000 car dealerships. Most of them are small dealers, which makes it hard for them to secure financing for purchases of used cars. Banks and other financing institutes prefer to work with larger companies where they can offer company mortgages. Fudd Finans, on the other hand, offers financing per car, which gives the car dealership much more flexibility and speed to their business growth.”

Most car dealerships buy used cars from private persons which puts pressure on the speed of payouts. Today payouts are done via traditional bank transfers, which will take a couple of days. By switching to Zimpler’s open banking solution that time is cut down to seconds. Westerman continues:

“Fudd Finans is a modern Fintech company and it’s important that our payment partner is just as good as our financing model. With Zimpler the buyer and seller can sign the deal in the driveway, on the hood of the car, and be sure that the money is in the account in the time it takes to shake hands.”

“Our vision is that “Everything should just work”, and that really shines through in a partnership as the one with Fudd Finans”, Johan Friis, co-founder at Zimpler says. “Together we create that feeling of hassle freeness. To get a payment instantly, not within hours or days, is both something that people expect and gives that extra sense of security.”