Former CFO, Johan Strand takes on the role of CEO

Former CFO, Johan Strand takes on the role of CEO

"What we are building now is a global infrastructure on top of the banking infrastructure that exists today. Bank payments are a better solution than card payments, both in terms of flexibility for the end customer and from a security perspective. Here, Zimpler will play a significant role"

About himself and his new role, he explains that the decision has emerged in discussion with the board regarding what is best for Zimpler, based on where the company is today.

“I have been with Zimpler more or less from the start, which means I know the company very well. It is always a challenge to change roles within the same company - colleague today and manager tomorrow. There are problems, but above all, it is an advantage and a strength”, says Johan Strand.


Account-to-account payments are the new black within Fintech

In 2019, Zimpler launched a new account-2-account solution, and in 2020 had its best year to date. The company withdrew 118 million SEK in revenue, compared with 28 million SEK the year before, which resulted in a profit of 35 million SEK.This year, the company expects sales to exceed 100 million SEK already in the first six months.

“The one thing I can say about this year’s results so far is that we are significantly above last year’s results”, says Johan Strand, and continues to reason about last year’s success.

“Like many startups, we have worked hard to find the perfect product and the right market for that product. Last year is proof that we have found the right fit”, says Johan Strand.


Goes into new markets and customer segments

Zimpler’s goal right now is to grow both geographically and into new customer segments. Over the past twelve months, the company has expanded and is now active in six markets, with the most recent additions being Estonia and the Netherlands. During the autumn, the plan is to continue adding countries in the immediate area, such as Norway and Denmark, at the same time as the company are already looking at opportunities for a launch in South America before the turn of the year. Among the new customers are representatives from several customer segments.

“We see an increased interest in our solutions from a number of segments. Everything from traditional payment solutions where our product can modernize and streamline flows, to start-ups in gig economics and e-commerce where our solutions are crucial to drive the necessary innovation. We also see that small companies are looking for a global player early on, which is why geographical growth is important to support our customers’ growth journey”, says Johan Strand.

At the same time, he believes that the only way to stay relevant is to keep on innovating.

“The only thing we know for sure is that today we have a product that could not have been built five years ago and that the product we must have in five years cannot be built today. This requires us to be agile - to listen to our customers and follow the technology that is made available”, says Johan Strand.


Johan Strand replaces previously acting CEO Peo Nilsson, who is now returning to his regular role as Chair of the Board.

“We in the board and management have worked intensively to recruit a new CEO. Despite several highly qualified candidates, our choice fell on Johan Strand. We simply believe that he is the best fit, together with our team, to take Zimpler on the growth journey that has just begun. From the board’s side, we are looking forward to working together with Johan and the team to continue building Zimpler”, says Peo Nilsson, Chair of the Board.