Hello, ultra super fast payouts all over Europe

Zimpler Payouts

Speed up and increase your coverage of payouts and get happier customers with Zimpler Payouts.

Have a hard time visualising just how fast our payouts are? We put together a slideshow to get your imagination going.


Meet your users needs for fast payouts

Pay out funds to your users fast, simple and securely with Zimpler Payouts. There is no interface, just make the connection in the back-end and all your users have to do is to click a button. Zimpler covers payouts in SEK and Euros.

Payout manually or automatically

For a truly hassle free experience you would just set up automatic API calls to initiate payouts to your users. If you want a finer level of control there’s an option to handle certain (or all) payouts manually.

Super simple payouts

If you don’t have a user’s bank account on file Zimpler Payouts don’t fret. If it’s one of the hundreds of thousands of users that already made a payment or a withdrawal with one of Zimpler’s partners it’s all taken care of. New users connect their bank account through Zimpler’s iframe.

All plans include a full suite of functional features.

100% bank coverage

Zimpler cover all banks on the market (the teensy weensy ones as well). And we are always live, even if the banks are down!

Flexible UX

Zimpler Payments jacks seamlessly into your payment flow and the user gets a mix of modern design and familiarity.

Amazing Back Office

Not to brag, but our back office have been called "one of the best back offices ever." Like ever ever.

Security beyond belief

We always use the most tried and tested protocols and identification methods. On top of that we sprinkle some of our own double checks and secret sauce security measures.

Lightning fast payouts

Our payouts takes less than a minute. That's less time than it takes to log in to your bank account.

Happy Users

Increase your retention with safe and happy users. We make sure that withdrawing money is the fastest and easiest thing the user can do. Just click a button.


The security you know and love.

We use the most trusted identification and security protocols in every given market.