Collaboration and free-flowing ideas lead to better conversion

Collaboration and free-flowing ideas lead to better conversion

Our partners over at SlotsMillion are a bunch of creative, data-driven, and resourceful people who work hard to always offer their customers a safe and fun experience.

The conversion rate of all transactions is always a core concern for any operator in the digital landscape. Failed transactions are a constant dilemma as it negatively impacts the user experience and is often time consuming for the company. 

“When we obtained our license to operate in Sweden early in November 2020 we were looking for a partner that could help us improve the overall transaction success rate“, says Martina Bernardini Casellas, Payments Team Manager at SlotsMillion.

“That’s why we reached out to Zimpler.”


A two-way street, where thoughts and ideas can flow freely

“SlotsMillion is a special company - they are all involved in everything that is happening and very focused on customer care. We have a strong partnership and I appreciate their approach to our collaboration. They always take the time to share their thoughts and ideas with us. Partnerships like this are what helps us build a smooth payment experience and also creates a better future for payments, across all markets”, says Lucy Kadja, KAM at Zimpler. 

Since the integration, the team has seen a significant increase in conversion, and attributes it to the effortless user journey.

“The partnership with Zimpler has allowed us to offer our customers a simple, secure, and hassle-free payment solution that caters to their demands for a safe and friendly user experience. It’s all about reducing friction for our customers and providing smooth payment and payout experiences, and Zimpler provides exactly that”, says Martina. 

“In just six months we have seen our customers from Scandinavia and central Europe highly embrace Zimpler as their go-to payment option, due to its user-friendly interface. The uptake is most pronounced amongst our customers based in Sweden, where over 87% of all transactions carried out since December have been processed through Zimpler! For us, this is indicative that we are catering to our customers payment needs, even more so when combined with the rapidly growing success rate for all transactions”, says Martina.