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Zimpler Insights is the place for all of y'all that want to know more about the ins and outs of account to account payments. Here you'll find posts and videos that both dips their toes in the puddle of and deep dives into the abyss of online banking and payment infrastructure.
Hey, don't look so worried – it's a lot more fun that it sounds!

Collaboration and free-flowing ideas lead to better conversion

Our partners over at SlotsMillion are a bunch of creative, data-driven, and resourceful people who work hard to always offer their customers a safe and fun experience.

KYC Check: All you need to know

Let’s start from the beginning. That’s always convenient. What is KYC? Well, it stands for Know Your Customer and it’s a part of the AML directive

The future of digital payments needs to be faster and safer

Financial services and payments, in particular, follow trends we see in society in general. Everything should go faster, easier, and be more convenient for the user.

Open banking explained

Open Banking is a big deal for banks, regulations and third-party providers. And consumers will soon have more options for managing payments, loans and investments.

How Open Banking is bringing banks into the future.

If you are a bank in the twenties, partnering with a Fintech is a great idea! The speed and agility of an independent partner greatly offsets your risk while reaping the benefits of small and hungry teams.

2020 Zimpler results and our adaptation to industry changes

2020 Zimpler results show our tremendous growth in an industry that went into hyper-drive when existing trends in both consumer and business behaviours took off like a Space X rocket

House of beautiful business write up 2021

The House of Beautiful Business is a global platform and community to make humans more human and business more beautiful. Their annual gathering in Lisbon did not disappoint this year.