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June 7, 2022
Fintech company Zimpler rebrands to get closer to customers and to prepare for further expansion
Stockholm, 7 June 2022 — Zimpler, a leading fintech company born in Sweden, revealed their new brand identity today. The rebrand aims to get the company closer to their customers and prepare themselves for further geographical and product expansion.  

Zimpler sports a new visual identity, including a new logo, typography, and fresh, expressive colors. In addition to the visual elements, the brand is focused on sharpening the company’s purpose, personality and values. Zimpler has worked closely with Bold, a leading Nordic branding and design agency, to develop and shape the new brand concept.

The rebranding announcement follows a period of rapid growth – 2021 was the company’s best performing year to date. In 2021, Zimpler’s transaction volumes grew by a massive 176%, and net revenue increased 134% fueled by entry into new verticals and markets. In addition to the high-volume growth, the employee count increased by almost 200% compared to just a year ago.

With the rebrand launch, Zimpler aims to build brand loyalty and recognition among end-users of its products. Zimpler, an account-to-account payment provider, smack in the middle of B2B and B2C fintech providers, wants to challenge the conventional wisdom that says they should speak only to businesses like potential merchants, ignoring end-users.

Arjun Shah, Chief Marketing Officer of Zimpler, says: “It is a common misconception that companies with a B2B product do not need to have a dialogue with end-users. These days customers demand more from financial services, and fintech businesses need to constantly evolve to fit their needs. We believe that even as an A2A provider we need to be closer to our customers, whether they are our merchants or end-users. It's critical to drive affinity, awareness, relatability and value-driven relationships with our audiences that goes beyond the utility of the product.

“At Zimpler, we think that payments are for everyone. That’s why our new visual language is the expression of diverse and creative personalities. The typeface is distinctive, our palette is vibrant, multi-colored and inclusive. We believe in the power of transformation, the potential of progress and the impact of dynamism. We celebrate unique identities, thoughts, and dreams. Our new identity mirrors our unruly strength, the instant and real-time responsive behavior is at the heart of our product. I am beyond excited to be leading Zimpler’s future marketing activities with the new brand by our side. It is just the beginning. The best is yet to come!”

Johan Strand, CEO of Zimpler, says: “Zimpler has grown exponentially in the last two years, and we are actively working on further expansions, both when it comes to products and new market segments. Our new brand identity puts us in a great position, especially as we're about to venture outside Europe for the first time and open Zimpler’s first office in Latin America."

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About Zimpler
Zimpler is a next generation fintech company providing simpler and more secure transactions for companies and people around the world. They are currently available in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, and the Netherlands.
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