Zimpler and SweFintech co-hosts meetup about financial well being

Swedish fintech company Zimpler continue to stake out their turf in the responsible economics landscape. Last year they hired Nathan Lakew, PhD. to head up their financial well being department. And at the end of May the kindness driven company will host a Meetup, together with SweFintech, that covers all the latest trends in financial psychology and economic freedom.

“We believe that the Fintech industry has both an obligation and opportunity to serve in a manner that leave their customers happy and safe. Organising meetups where we can share knowledge within the industry is only natural”, says Lakew, who'll be doing a keynote on how the industry can take an advantage of technology features to intentionally advance financial well being. His presentation revolves around the theme ‘Design with intent - Fintech solution with Financial well being as a goal’.

Erika Eliasson, CIRO at Lendify, continues and elaborates on why being a fair company makes investors as well as consumers more financially sound:

“Technology makes it possible to cut out the middlemen and give investors higher returns and borrowers lower interest rates.”

Tomas Prochazka, Head of Product at tink, elaborates:

"Our mission at Tink is to empower people to make smarter decisions about their money and ultimately bring financial happiness, regardless of income, knowledge and interest. We believe that innovation in the sector can be propelled by tearing down the barriers to accessing financial data, so that more developers can build kick-ass products that makes the best use and sense of the data that has previously been exclusive to banks."

Read more about the meetup here

About Zimpler

Zimpler is a swedish fintech company. We were founded in Stockholm and Gothenburg 2012. The goal has always been to simplify mobile payments and to be a really nice company. Zimpler's main product is a modern, mobile wallet that gives the user control over their spending. We do this with spending limits, nudging and behavioural science methods.

Zimpler have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Berlin and Haparanda and have around 40 employees. You can use the wallet in Sweden and Finland at the moment, but there are plans for entering more european markets. Today we have more than 112 000 users who can make and get control over their payments.