Financial well being

The digitalisation of payments is amazing. We should know, we're a part of it. But it also has it's challenges. With the world becoming more and more digital we know it can be easy to overspend. Gone are the wad of cash that steadily shrunk in size as the month moved towards an end. Gone are the days when you could physically see your hard earned money slip through your fingers.

Now, things are different. The inability to see our financial state at a glance puts us in a state of distress. A kind of Schrödinger's liquidity, where we seesaw between feeling flush and feeling near broke. The last couple of years tools that aims to help people get control over their economy have emerged. These tools are great but they often focus on savings. We want you to be in control of your spending. Our work considers three factors:

  • Financial literacy - to know enough to make informed decisions with your money.
  • Financial motivation - to be motivated to take good financial decisions.
  • Financial skills - how good you are att combining financial literacy and financial motivation.

We want you to feel satisfied and in control of your finances. We don't want you to feel restricted in the way you use your money.