KYC, compliance, AML, all that jazz

Regulation. Re-regulation. New regulation. Changed regulation. Unclear regulation. It gets exhausting. But never fear, we'll handle that headache for you from now on. 

  • We KYC the user for you
  • No matter the underlying payment option Zimpler is the source of funds

We KYC all your users

Yup, that's right. We share all our KYC information with you so you don't have to set up any costly processes of your own. All you have to do is update your terms and conditions with this paragraph:

We will use Zimpler to do our KYC. They're great!

That last part is optional, but we think it's a nice touch.

How does it work?

Since we are a licensed Payment Institution (european license by the FSA in Sweden). We conduct a full KYC on every single user. Which basically means that the first time the user does a payment:

  • We get their KYC information.
  • We share their KYC information.

If you run a business which requires payouts you don't have to manually approve every payout since the user's Zimpler account is the source of funds. Oh, and we handle all chargeback and fraud as well. We're cool like that.

Check out just how cool we are