Closed loop — this will change everything

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All you need is your phone

The doors are open! Our closed loop experience takes care of the full payment flow. Deposits, payouts, KYC, signup, one source of funds — the whole shebang. If you like to be one of the first companies with a closed loop experience that is optimized for mobile contact and they'll get you on the list.

What you get in the box

  • Payments & deposits
  • Payouts & withdrawals
  • Full KYC compliancy
  • Signup and login to account
  • One source of funds

Deposits and payments

At it's core the Zimpler solution is a mobile wallet. It was invented with mobile payments and full freedom in mind. The deposit and payment solution is what most of the end users will experience.

All you ever wanted to know about payments

Payouts and withdrawal

Withdrawals with Zimpler is for those businesses that needs a way for their customers to be able to withdraw money, like crowdfunding or investment companies. But it's also good for companies looking for a loyalty program.

Baby, we got yo' money

We handle every fraud and chargeback. Every. Single. One.

We get it. You just want to run your business. And you expect people to be decent. You expect your bank to be decent. Not that they should shirk over responsibility for fraudulent behaviour of their product to you. We get it. That's why we handle every fraud complaint and chargeback claim that you'll get.

Get really nerdy about fraud

20 seconds to comply? We can do that!

KYC is an extremely important part of end user facing businesses. But it's also, how should we put it... Tedious. And complex. And a right pain. We KYC all users in the payment flow. The user wont notice a thing and you and your compliance department will get rid of almost all KYC work. You still need to have a place to store the customer info, but all that will be taken care of by our API.

Gimme some of that sweet compliance

Sign up and No Account solution

Get those customers through the door without being such a 🔲. No matter if you choose our sign up or no account solution we guarantee a buzzword filled experience — seamless, mobile, UX-optimized. It's almost like magic.

Hocus pocus?