Our mission

To simplify transactions between businesses and people anywhere.

End users
SEK in volumes/year
Revenue growth in 2021

Zimpler was founded 2012 and is a fast growing Fintech company that provides an account to account payment solution to companies that need to manage both incoming and outgoing payments for their users.

We make it possible for users to both withdraw and pay directly with their bank accounts. We are licensed by the Swedish FSA (Finansinspektionen) and hold a license to operate in the ESS/EU area.

Owned by the employees

Zimpler is owned by the ones who build it. And backed by 15 external investors including heavy hitters as Inbox Capital (Revolut, Lendify, Klarna, Acast, Voi, Fishbrain, Qapital etc) and CNI (Billogram, Easypark, Barnebys, Meds etc).

Available all over Europe

With access to all of Europe we can easily serve every country and every segment accross the continent. Get in touch if you are interested.

Diverse international team

Zimpler have employees from 11 different nationalities working from wherever they feel most comfortable. This allows us to have an international and diverse perspective on product development, business and communication.